Ganesh Lakshmi Idols

Do Your Diwali Shopping From Best Home Decor Store

Home decor is an abstract concept in India. It transcends beyond aesthetic pleasures and vibes, it is more inclined towards overall prosperity and progress of the family residing in a given place. The ancient home decor science states that “ Grahe Na Ramayan bhatatha hawan chitram kurupanahvmindra jalikam. Shilocha yaarnyamayam sadhasuram bheeshmam kurutha kridhanaram thvanambaram. Varah Shaardhul shiva prudhkavo  grudhabi golukapothavayasaa. Sashye nagothadhi vakadhi patrino vichitratha no sharane subhavaha.”

It means that an ideal home decor should never display inauspicious views like war scenes from Ramayan and fight scenes from Mahabharata depicting use of swords and magic. Also, the pictures of weeping woman and statues of terrifying giants and demons are not allowed in a good household. One must be meticulous and tasteful while selecting pictures, wall decor, statues, lighting, chandeliers and wall hangings for his or her home. This summarizes the  need for  a rational approach for special occasions like Diwali.

You are not allowed to spare any expenses while turning your adobe into a welcoming pad for Goddess Lakshmi. Every single element needs to be placed in an articulated manner to create a serene, scintillating,  pious ambience. Plethora of designs and artistic concepts can be teamed to achieve this goal, however, the prime effort lies in selection of decor items that sync with traditions and present day architectural requirements. The below given decor products have been carefully selected to cater Diwali specific decor requirements:

  • Dashavtar Urli: The essence of success lies in the degree of peace and prosperity in a person’s life. All efforts and practices related to Diwali share this goal. On this day, the param shakti (supreme power) knocks doors to shower prosperity, peace and wealth on her kids with open arms. So, it is customary to set home decor accordingly. Urli is a water bowl meant to kept at the entrance or the pooja ghar of a house. It carries the biggest symbol of wealth, water, in it. So, it is customary to have one in your house for the occasion. It is available in stone, metals and alloys.  Handicraft stores all across the country brim with endless urli choices for months before the festival. Apart from the regular options, places like Jaipur offer spectacular designs in metallic urlis. Artisans, here, work for weeks to come up with some explicit designs that bestow a unique cultural shade in Diwali decor. The Dashavtar urli shown below provides a short glimpse of their craftsmanship.
  • Hanging Lamps: Hanging bells and lamps on entryway has always been considered as an auspicious welcoming gesture. On Diwali, you can always embrace this custom by hanging a metallic lamp on the main door. For example, a twinkling metal lamp with lord Ganesh on side and jingling bells at bottom can be perfect to light up the welcome door for Mata Lakshmi. The antique handicraft stores in Jaipur are the best destination for shopping such artistic lamps. Make sure you to surf them online before setting out for local market.
Brass Hanging Lamps
  • Marble Goddess Lakshmi Statues: Marble idols and statues have an unparalleled charm and grace. They carry a distinct signature of sanctity that charges complete atmosphere with peace and tranquillity. If you are looking to renovate your poojaghar this Diwali, then a marble Lakshmi idol may be a great addition to it.
Marble Goddess Lakshmi Statues
  •  Marble Urli: Marble urlis have always been in trend for their ability to transform any interior. Apart from its Vastu significance, it is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. A tasteful choice will be to place a marble urli in centre of every room and entryway. Fill it water and flower petals along with incensed floating candles. It will transform the place into a heavenly adobe only suitable for gods to roam around and shower the blessings.
Marble Urli

These are a few ideas that can easily be incorporated with most Diwali decor plans. If you widen your research areas, you can easily find the most reasonable handicraft shops and antique stores all over the country. Investing in such products is always a fruitful decision as it provides the value for money for years to come. For best deals, you may browse online antique product markets from specialised areas of Rajasthan. Also, if you look through the local market carefully you  will find vendors sourcing metal handicrafts and marble idols from Rajasthan.

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