The love affair of humans and art is eternal. This phenomenal journey created an immense treasure of handicrafts and intricate arts that are simply out of this world. Preserving and enriching these handcrafted traditions, the house of Kuber brings to you an endless & incredible treasure of art, art which our craftsmen have carved with their magic, making each artefact at Kuber – an art with soul.

Creativity, Inspiration, Expression and Emotions...

all these have resulted into the birth of a creative powerhouse called Kuber.

Close to four decades ago, the foundation of Kuber was laid to revolutionise the lives of the creators of beauty the Craftsmen. Based in the hotpot of art and culture – Rajasthan… Kuber has built an extensive network of more than 800 skilled artisans creating intricately crafted masterpieces in stone, marble, wood, metal, silver & more. Curated with love and passion, our awe inspiring handmade creations in home décor, handicrafts, paintings and collectibles have found homes around the globe.

Art connoisseurs from many countries visit us with their aspirations and our craftsmen give wings to their imagination and create beautiful art pieces. Finest of fine raw material honed with our love & passion transform into symbols of rich history, luxury and sophistication. The iconic creations by Kuber are not just artefacts but are heirlooms to be passed over to the next generation. At Kuber, each artefact is an art with soul, which is timeless and is a possession forever.

Our Foundation

Kuber is one of the biggest Handicrafts Wholesaler, Manufacturer and Supplier from Jaipur, India. The name is synonymous with providing unique, par excellence & luxurious home décor collection. Founded by Mr. Dhiren Hariani, in the art capital of India Jaipur, Kuber weaved its path of success with a lot of hardwork. Mr. Hariani used to travel around the country and saw the ground reality of the artisans, moved by this he conceptualized Kuber to revive craft traditions and empower the artists. Eye for beauty and passion for art were driving force that made Kuber with more than 50000 sq ft of designate space for art and crafts… a spectacular brand.

Later, son of Mr. Hariani, Dhanesh took the helm of the company and with his innovative mind and ground breaking ideas added new wings to Kuber. Keen understanding of art and well equipped with business acumen, he provided many dying art and crafts a lease of new life. Under his able leadership Kuber extended the network of craftsmen across the country and produce a wide and luxurious range of home décor collections.

Kuber’s product echoes the vision of creative elegance of Mrs. Bhakti the heart behind the company. Timeless designs, impeccable quality and the utmost attention to details, that’s what Bhakti brought to the brand.

The dynamic duo is a strong team making Kuber scale new heights and in such a short span the company has ventured into retail with an amazing and never ending collection.


full of intricately handcrafted pieces & experience the richness of indian culture