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Jaipur, The Best Destination for Buying Indian Handicrafts

Exploring Jaipur handicrafts can be an eye-opening experience when you witness it in real life. If you are an admirer of Jaipur, visiting Jaipur, or just living the good life in Jaipur, you cannot miss out on the beautiful curios and handicrafts the city has to offer. Popular around the world for its beautiful palaces, museums and wall art, the city is a booming hub for artisans and art collectors.

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Jaipur which is also a UNESCO World Heritage city has given the world some of the world’s most wonderful sparkling marble stone. It won’t surprise us if you witness raw stone turn into meaningful art here. Each heritage site is the property of the country, which is why it is also important for the community to protect the art, handicrafts and history for the coming generations. UNESCO believes that the entire world community is responsible for its protection.

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Since we are talking about marble stone, let us tell you some of the best artisans, masons and sculptors in the state hail from Jaipur and around, creating the very best quality sculptures. Back in the time, the finest sculptors were employed by the Royal families during their rule. From Rajasthani temples to palaces, the examples stand tall and beautiful even today. You will see marble carvings as a prominent feature in the city with artisans working upon images of deities, or domestic utensils such as intricate blocks or grinding bowls.

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A whole lot of beautiful collections come from handicraft emporiums and showrooms such as Kuber, located in the heart of the city. From divine handcrafted sculptures to stunning metal artifacts, to intricate paintings, you will find a range of traditional yet contemporary pieces of art to resonate with here. If you are looking for marble gift items in Jaipur, you will get many household treasures and decorating pieces including tabletops, serving trays, flower vases and big beautiful statues at Kuber. If you are looking for the best quality, trust that renowned and exclusive handicraft stores will leave no ‘stone’ unturned to give you just that. Apart from sculptures, you will also find unique wall hangings and decorative show pieces for every corner of your house or workspace here. These pieces are perfect to lift the mood of the space it sits in.

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With the festive season just around the corner, there is all the more reason to consider a marble sculpture in your home to redecorate your space. You can choose from the likes of beautiful idols including Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Buddha and more to bless your home. The essence and positivity that the divine statues can exude is really something different. For instance, Lord Krishna is also known as the epitome of love. And according to Shastras, he has this exceptional and elemental quality of attracting everyone who comes in contact with him.

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Also, in these difficult times of the pandemic, not only do we need positive energy and blessings of the divine but the artisans need all the support possible to continue the art form and prevent a huge economic loss. As mentioned earlier, Jaipur is home to a huge number of artisans from in and around the city. Every purchase not only supports them but their families too as they depend on their craftsmanship skills for their livelihood and survival.  Recognized world over for its exuberance, Jaipur with its rich history and heritage exudes an amazing mix of royalty and art and therefore remains one of the best destinations for buying Indian handicrafts. Any visitor would be satisfied to experience unique art, craft, textiles and antique handicrafts shop in Jaipur. The crafts that have formed the landscape of Rajasthan’s handcrafted heritage are relentlessly reinventing themselves to fit into modern homes. It is time, we embraced them and invited them in to bring a little more of them into every home.

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