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Best Handicraft Gifts For This Wedding Season

All around the world, wedding is considered as a pious affair that sets a definitive path for two individuals aiming to build a life together. In India, it is majestic occasion that is steered by deep rooted traditions and rituals. Every aspect, right from the decor to ensembles, music, invitations, and gifts echo with royalty and regalia. So, when it comes to selecting a suitable gift for the couple it is expected that the invitees would jockey in to leave a lasting impression on the couple’s wedding memories. A perfect wedding gift is a heart warming blessing for the couple that stays with them for a life time. While the present day gift ideas focus more on trends and in vogue accessories, traditional handicraft products remain an eternal favourites and highly recommended options as ideal presents for new couples. In case, you are looking for some exquisites choices in a similar category, here are some entities that will definitely serve the purpose:

  • Divine Couples: Amidst all, Hindu civilization has long celebrated the profound impact of marriage in human lives. The benchmarks were set too high as perfection was viewed in divine couples and their love stories. Be it Parvathi or  Radha-Krishna, Lakshmi-Narayan or Manu-Shatrupa (the first human couple), their companionship and love has been said to stand the test of time and proved against all odds. Therefore, gifting newbies with their idols, paintings or pictures is considered as a true gesture of good wishes and love. Antique handicraft shops and marble murti sellers in Jaipur offer plethora of options under this category. You may select the one that suits your budget and sense of aesthetics. Rajasthan is blessed with some of the most irreproachable art forms and artisans that have been active in this field for generations. Just make sure that the statue you choose has well sculpted features and charm.
Radha Krishna
  • Lord Ganesh: Considered as the remover of all obstacles and harbinger of good luck and prosperous beginnings, lord Ganesh is considered as the most apt present for any auspicious occasion. The Indian handicraft market brings some classy magnificently designed options to the table. One must have a good eye and artistic understanding to select the most appealing sculpture as a present. For example, an ivory finish Ganesh statue in-between engraved tusks is perfect to convey good wishes and blessings from a connoisseur’s point of view.
Marble Ganesha Darshan
  • Mughal Chests: Treasure chests have forever been among top wedding presents for brides. It doesn’t have to be a big chunky one, small engraved boxes in form of chests can be an endearing present to those who like to treasure their valuables in a royal way. The Mughals left an orphic impact on the traditional miniature painting art form that exudes spell-bounding designs on various handicraft products. A Mughal chest is one of those rare handicraft marvels that can easily become gem of an artistic collection. Present it to a bride and yours will be among the most cherished wedding presents by them.
Mughal Chest
  • Stone Work Chest: Precious stones enjoy a distinct stature in every category. Whether inlaid in metal or stone, they lend an ethereal charm to all bases. So, a stone work chest or box is an ecstatic choice for those who wish the best for others. It is not something that perishes in a few years, its a treasured product that any recipient would want to pass on to next generation. Needless to add, as a wedding gift it puts you in a very special class of well wishers.

Return Gifts: The conversation about wedding gifts remains incomplete without the mention of return gifts. If the guests express their invaluable intentions through beautiful gifts, the recipient too needs to reciprocate their love in best possible way. Return gifts are a fitting way to accomplish the tricky task. There are several traditional return gifts that can be presented to guests as they take their leave from the occasion.

Silver Cutlery

You may either choose any of the options mentioned above or go a little overboard by choosing something unique and special. For example, a set of wine glasses with high grade silver polish on borders can be an elegant choice.

You may further go down the lane by adding trays, spoons and bowls to the set. There are some exquisite handicraft traders in Jaipur that offer splendid products in this category. They create products for every budget, perspective, and class of buyers. These traders define legacy, style and craftsmanship from a traditional point of view and are definitely worth a pick for those who have unmatched artistic tastes.

Silver Cutlery Set

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