Come and discover artwork so intricate and delicate that there is a story in every detail.

Vibrant Tanjore paintings, splendid Bastar tribal art, vivid miniature painting from Udaipur, highly preserved traditional gold leafing art of Jaipur, lively stone statues from Orissa, rare charm and exquisite bronze metal cladding art pieces, timeless elegance of bone inlay from Rajasthan… to name a few. At Kuber, we inspire and encourage dying art craftsmen to create masterpieces that will captive and spark your imagination. Come and explore a box full of stories!

Experience a vivid collection of handcrafted stone sculptures, metal and marble figurines, ornate boxes, beautiful paintings… and more. Our artisans have created an incredible showcase of artifacts made with great detailing and passion. Every piece tells a tale—no matter how subtle or abstract. The collection is a portal into the artist’s life and their unique experiences.