Peace, Tranquility and Beauty…

The divine evokes numerous emotions in our soul. Expert artisans with eye for detail and a sense of devotion create an ethereal collection of deities that speak of the divine grace. Here is a glimpse of our cosmic collection that resounds with the beauty of our maker captured in marble, stone , bronze, silver and more.

  • The Natraj pose of the Lord Shiva casted in bronze give you a feeling of awe.
  • Lord Krishna playing flute intricately handcrafted in marble make you close your eyes and listen to the melody.
  • Finely craved Lord Buddha statue make you feel in the presence of the enlighten one…
  • Come and discover your cosmic connect!

We at Kuber, believe in reviving the age old craft traditions and help the artisans to spread their wings and create magic in reality. Our efforts have resulted into birth of timeless creations that will bring tradition and beauty to your space!