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Add a dash of autochthonal flavor to your homes with a wide range of traditional Indian home decor by the house of Kuber Jaipur

India has always been the ultimate melting pot of culture and traditions. And it reflects in its very unique style of home furnishing. Much like the culture itself, Indian style home decor is a never-ending festival of colors and artifacts inspired by history, folklore, and legacies that have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s as complex as they come, with probably one of the most vivid varieties of designs and concepts you could ever find in one place.

Join us as we walk you through the nitty-gritty of traditional Indian home decor and how you can bring back the long lost old-world charm or as we like to call it the ‘Indianess’ to where it originally belongs – your home.


It might come to you as a surprise but vase, despite being a versatile object, is an underrated home decor item. Traditionally prepared from clay, vase holds a special place in Indian culture mainly due to its pure rusticness and country-charm. It also acts as a canvas for artists to narrate stories that were left untold otherwise. You can check out artistic Traditional Handicrafts vases at Kuber’s home decor collection.            

Home Decor Vase

Indian Shade

Poppy and bright colors are trademarks of traditional Indian home decor. You cannot imagine an Indian household without a splash of eye-catching colors; it’s as Indian as it gets. But it’s not necessarily required to dive into a bright palette to look Indian, you can also choose from the lighter side of the spectrum. Shades of brown and taupe are great options for someone looking for a milder look. It goes well with metal knick-knacks, brass decor items, traditional handicrafts, and almost all the other products that compliment a quintessential Indian living room.   

An Ethnic Touch

True Indian households are a perfect combination of aesthetics and ethnicity. As a matter of fact, when it comes to traditional Indian home decor, ethnic art or artifacts become almost indispensable. Needless to mention we are talking about a culture rooted in Vedic values, you got to have a hint of ethnicity even when it comes to decor. Items such as sculptures, idols, blend perfectly with the traditional Indian theme. Be sure to check out our collection of these decor items where you can buy Budhha statues, Krishna statues, marble murtis, etc.

Buddha Statue

The Quaint Look

We are trying to accommodate a culture as old the world itself in a living room, so to perfectly capture the essence of time and age, it becomes almost essential to incorporate decor items that gleam in age and history. Items that have been detailed to perfection, have a story to tell, and have stood the test of time can only do justice with the perfect quaint Indian look. At Kuber you can browse through a variety of skillfully curated traditional handicrafts and antique handicrafts like stone chests that rekindle the stories of glorious past.              

Think Traditional, Think Kuber Jaipur

The one-stop destination to procure Indian home decor items by the finest artisans and curators in the country,  seasoned in creating art with soul.

Marble Lion Statue

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